Amazon prime’s new value add

Amazon is one of those companies that truly realizes the value of a robust ecosystem and ‘credit card on file’. It does so by increasing the value proposition of its subscription production ‘Amazon Prime’ which allows users to get free 2 day shipping on most items, access to many movies, TV shows, online storage, Prime Now (2 hour free delivery services) among other benefits. Today the company announced that it will allow offline streaming for many of its movies and shows – previously this could only be done on an Amazon Fire table.

Imagine just before getting on an airplane – you can simply select a movie, save offline and start watching during the journey. This is especially good since its rivals like Netflix and Hulu do not offer this feature.

Amazon Prime subscription requires users to have a valid credit card on file that gets charged on a yearly basis. This is great because it enables ‘one click purchase’ for customers. A Study found that Amazon Prime customers buy a lot more shores, books, clothes – more of everything than regular Amazon customers because they already trust and have billing relationship with Amazon.  Like Jeff Bezos once put it, Amazon is a unique company that uses ‘Golden Globe to sell toilet paper’. Taking thinking outside the box and customer value to a whole new level!

Swathi Jay

Tech Blogger, Georgia Tech Engineer, Microsoft Program Manager

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